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Shell has been active in Oman since 1937.  Our business activities in Oman range from managing relationships with our key stakeholders and associated ventures here in the Sultanate to research, learning & development and managing and executing extensive social investment programmes that contribute to the sustainable development of the country. Our office in Oman is based in Mina Al Fahal - Muscat.

Our values

Our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people form the basis of the Shell General Business Principles.

Our business activities in Oman

Shell Development Oman LLC provides a central point for co-ordination of all Shell activities and interests in the Sultanate of Oman.

A dedicated Shell Representative office was established in 2002, creating for the first time in Oman a Shell identity independent from the different joint venture companies in which Shell has been proud to participate over many years.

Led by the Shell County Chairman for Oman, the Representative Office undertook the dual role of representing Shell and acted as a long-standing corporate citizen of the Sultanate by providing a conduit for a broad range of social investment schemes, including the successful Intilaaqah programme.


The broad range of activities undertaken by the office from social investment through to learning and technology sharing continually grew and to enable Shell to further expand its efforts to support the development objectives of the Sultanate, the Representative Office was transitioned to a limited liability company on 1 March 2008.  This change continues to show our long-term commitment to the sustainable development of Oman.

Shell Development Oman LLC continues the dual role of representing Shell and contributing to the sustainable development of Oman (as the previous Representative Office did).

Shell Development Oman’s purpose is to:

  • Leverage Shell’s global expertise to help ensure our Omani partner companies remain world class,
  • Implement our social investment programmes, and
  • Seek new opportunities to contribute to the development of the Omani energy sector, the country and its people.

Our contribution

Shell is committed to support the Government and the people of Oman through sustainable social investment initiatives from a desire to give back something to a country that has been an integral part of the Group’s success over the years and from the Company’s recognition that they should be responsible corporate citizens of Oman.

Learn more about Social investment

Shell has been exploring for and producing oil and gas for more than a century. We employ around 101,000 people in more than 90 countries and territories. Our headquarters are in The Hague, the Netherlands, and our Chief Executive Officer is Peter Voser. The parent company of the Shell group is Royal Dutch Shell plc, which is incorporated in England and Wales.

Our strategy and priorities for the future are "more upstream and profitable downstream".

Read more about our strategy and major projects on our corporate website (in English)

Shell worldwide by numbers

  • 2%: amount of world’s oil we produce
  • 3%: amount of world’s gas we produce
  • 3.2 million: barrels of gas and oil we produce every day
  • 44,000: Shell service stations worldwide
  • 10 million customers: buy our transport fuel
  • +25: refineries and chemical plants we run  (figures for 2008)
  • 1: ranking by Fortune 500 in 2009


  1. Upstream Americas searches for and recovers oil and natural gas across the Americas.
  2. Upstream International searches for and recovers oil and natural gas outside the Americas.
  3. Downstream refines, supplies, trades and ships crude worldwide, manufactures and markets a range of products, and produces petrochemicals for industrial customers.
  4. Projects & Technology manages delivery of Shell’s major projects, as well as driving the research and innovation to create technology solutions.

2008 Financial performance 

  • Revenue: $458.4 billion
  • Income: $26.5 billion
  • Capital investment: $38.4 billion
  • Investment in research and development: over $1.2 billion (more than any other oil major)

Visit our Investor Centre to view our latest quarterly results (in English)(PDF,1658 KB)

Fast facts for sustainable development

  • $1.7 billion spent on CO2 and renewable energy technologies over the last 5 years.
  • In 2008 greenhouse gas emissions from facilities where we operate were approximately 30% below 1990 levels.
  • $19 billion spent in 2008 with locally owned companies in low and middle income countries.
  • $148 million on social investment programmes in 2008.

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