Focused on the Food - Water - Energy Nexus, the programme aims to build awareness, develop knowledge and provide thinking tools and complex problem solving skills to the leaders of the future. Shell Oman aims to raise awareness to energy problems and Inspire the Omani youth’s interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) at an early age to instill an innovative mindset and advocate for the relevancy of their role through education and entrepreneurship.

Shell worked together with the Ministry of Education and Engineering Village, a local SME, to implement the curricula in 10 current and future solar schools. The carefully developed programme has already benefitted around 600 students, and has equipped 20 science teachers and career advisors with the necessary information and methods to nurture the development of Omani youth.

In August 2018, Shaping Learning, Shell’s global and strategic training partner, successfully trained a team from the Engineering Village, an Omani SME to facilitate the NXplorers programme into schools under the "Solar into Schools" initiative.

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