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Solar into Schools initiative, in collaboration with Ministry of Education, covered three pilot schools in Salalah, Nizwa and Al Buraimi thus far. It will be extended over the coming few years to cover a total of 22 public schools across Oman.  This initiative comes in line with Shell’s ongoing commitment to foster the development of the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector and to promote energy transition and sutainability within Oman. By implementing this project, we aim at:

Fostering the growth of the SME sector by empowering local SMEs with the knowledge they need and with the business opportunities the project will provide

Boosting interest among Omani youth in STEM educational streams and in enterprise development.

Building a platform for developing and implementing small-scale projects in Oman in the future, thereby contributing to Oman’s future energy scene and its economic transition.

Why solar in Oman?

Given the strong regular sunshine and the vast unused land to develop large solar power plants, Oman has an excellent potential for solar energy development and deployment. Solar energy is a feasible option in Oman and could not only meet the growing need for energy diversification but also would contribute to the national economic diversification journey.

Solar into Schools Journey

  • Gift to The Nation Launch – January 2016
  • Solar PV Training – June 2016
  • Launching the first solar school – September 2017
  • Solar PV Training – October 2017

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